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New Gillion Street

Debut Novel coming in December 2023 from Fly on the Wall Press


New Gillion Street

December 01, 2023

Albert Smith and his family live on a neat street in Neo-Yuthea, divided into ‘Even’s and ‘Odd’s. All chugs along perfectly well without politics: there is even an agreement of neutrality and, instead of money, the street trade in fruit and commodities.

However, one morning Mr Zand posts a leaflet through every door: he is standing to be Mayor of New Gillion Street. As Mr Zand’s power grows, life becomes uncertain. Strange creatures from the forest cause shock deaths. Arranged marriages are forced to preserve ‘peace in the community’.

Albert and his wife’s garden meetings will not be tolerated for much longer. And when that happens, total chaos will unfold…

Fly on the Wall is a social enterprise company and a not-for-profit publisher, based in Manchester. They publish political fiction, poetry and cross-genre anthologies on pressing issues, from exceptional authors around the globe.

For more information about the book, how to pre-order, and about Fly on the Wall Press, click the below link

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