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New Gillion Street

Debut Novel

In politically-neutral Neo-Yuthea, Albert Smith’s orderly life is disrupted when Mr. Zand campaigns for Mayor, leading to uncertain times. Shocking deaths caused by strange forest creatures, enforced arranged marriages, and the impending suppression of Albert’s secret garden meetings bring the community to the brink of chaos. Albert and his neighbours must rally together, resisting the encroaching darkness and fighting for their freedom before their world crumbles.

Read Chapter One here.

Praise for New Gillion Street

"Harper’s prose is reminiscent of some of the finest writers this country has produced; he writes with a style classic in nature, and yet post-modern in both form and content. As a writer of primarily the new weird science fiction, Harper has found his home."

Robert Welbourn, author of Belonging and Ideal Angels.


"A witty, thought-provoking satirical fable."

Stu Hennigan, Author of Ghost Signs

“The writing sparkles along with the pace and clarity reaching a conclusion that should satisfy us all.”



“Highly original and incredibly imaginative, New Gillion Street is a very entertaining novel with a strong sense of community at its heart.”

The Book Magnet


“This was a brilliant sci-fi book that kept me intrigued from start to finish, and I would 100% recommend!”



“New Gillion Street is such an immersive and intriguing read.”

Books with Becki


“This book was funny, intriguing, and has everything you want from a dystopia.”

Becca Reads Books


“I was quickly sucked into Elliot’s engrossing tale, which has mystery, monsters and occasional merriment.”

The Northern Bookworm


“This is my first time reading a book by this author, and I was not disappointed.”



“The characters are a delight and so very well written that you can visualise them.”

Melanie to be Read


“What a fantastic read. Well written – clever – brilliant! I highly recommend this book to all fans of superb writing.”

Owen Hollifield


“It’s about finding humanity amidst conflict, embracing curiosity, and not giving up.”

Hannah Stewart


“I enjoyed all of it, but the second half was just so vividly detailed, imaginative, and thoroughly gorgeous to read.”

Book Worm Escapes


“A funny, fast-paced and sometimes fantastical read.”

Things Amy Read


New Gillion Street is available to buy directly from Fly on the Wall Press, Amazon in paperback and Kindle, Waterstones, and other U.K. retailers.

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